This month's gratitude post is a biggie.

This past month, I've learned that things can change very quickly. The parts of your life that you've come to rely on as always being constant are no different than anything else. 

My parents found out that my father's plant is being closed down. We are so blessed that he was one of the few there to be offered a relocation package and they will only be moving a little farther north in Wisconsin. 

The home they built together when us kids were teenagers will be sold. Many of their possessions will be passed on. Family gatherings will be different. There are so many aspects of this situation that are sad and frightening, but we have all chosen to see the positives of this journey my parents are on and have grown closer because of it. 

I know Oliver & I have always appreciated our time with our family, but this change has given us new perspective on being with the ones that mean the most to us and choosing our priorities wisely. In this day and age, we are lucky to have most of our family here in the Midwest when so many other families are spread all over the country. 

What is something you've always taken for granted? 

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  1. I'm grateful because them moving means they'll be closer to me! ;)

  2. You should get a boat so you can just sail across the lake!


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