sorry for the lack of posts lately! i've been working on vlogs and editing, still trying to speed up the process (4 hours to edit almost 60 minutes of footage into less than 9 minutes). i'm really enjoying it though.

i'll be scheduling some posts coming up...our 1 year wedding anniversary is september 1st, so we will be busy/not on the interwebs. i'm thinking it's a good time to post a sampling of our engagement and wedding photos.   

here's the latest vlog from last week's show at the high noon saloon in madison. oliver's band bird's eye was featured by raw madison's natural born artists' showcase. if you haven't heard about raw, it's a pretty neat organization that is nationwide and now also in london, i believe. i'll link the info below. 

hope you all are well and enjoying the last bits of summer 2013. it's been good to me!

.with gratitude. 

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