Here are the third and final round of images from our time at the yurt this summer and it's a mix of what's leftover from the previous posts; our first morning on the beach at Lake Superior, driving up Mount Arvon, hiking over to the neighbor's land to see the amazing view of the Huron River, and making dinner over the fire back at the yurt.

The shots from the beach are sentimental. I always seem to shoot and post these photos every time we're up there. When we arrived that morning, the whole beach and lake were covered with a dense fog which suddenly cleared not too long after we were there. We took our shoes off and walked to the mouth of the river with beers in hand, just grateful to be there.

Afterward, we drove up Mount Arvon to stop at the pond along the way where we spotted wild otters swimming there. We also signed the log book at the top of the mountain and read entries from other visitors, some from as far away as Wyoming. It seems like very few people would go up there, but there are usually 2-3 entries in the log book daily, at least in the warmer months.

Seeing the Huron River from the Goodreau's land was one of the highlights of our time there for me personally. The spot on the river includes a view of the Huron Mountains and we watched as a thunderstorm rolled in.

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  1. Can't wait to go back up! Looking at making Labor Day Weekend an even longer weekend....I hope you can make it too! The pictures just reassure me that yes, we need to go back soon. Thanks for posting them. I have a few I will send you.

  2. It's a wolf! Great pictures as always. It seems difficult to take a bad pic up there, right?


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