we were married on oliver's grandparents' farm in central wisconsin. we wanted our wedding to be laid back (sippin' on gin and juice!) and to feel like a family reunion. one of my favorite moments during our ceremony was getting all our guests to shout "heck yes!" when asked if they would support our union.  

our good friends played instrumental versions of some non-traditional wedding songs for our ceremony. our wedding party walked down the aisle to Death Cab for Cutie - Your New Twin Sized Bed. seems like a strange choice, but it was all instrumental, so block out the vocals when you listen and imagine. it was perfect.  

i had to sneak in this photo of oliver's second cousin...i die.

i walked down the aisle to Brand New - Jesus Christ. again, seems like a strange choice, but it was also played instrumental without vocals. Brand New is our favorite band and we interpret this song as a prayer, so it was very meaningful to us. walking toward my husband-to-be to this song was so momentous and gave me goose bumps. 

this last photo is an instagram taken by our cousin taylor. it is one of my favorites from our wedding day. we exited to Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down. for obvious reasons. oh high school. and yes, oliver learned how to play this for me way back when. 

photos by katy frey of charizma photography
exception: instagram photo by taylor k.

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