HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! i hope you made a little time to get into the spirit, whether it was carving a pumpkin or watching a horror film. i've been celebrating all month since we visited my family up north the second weekend in october and carved pumpkins! our jack-o'-lanterns are quite rotted and collapsed by this time, but it kind of adds to the halloween vibe. 

since i met my husband 5 years ago, we have always done halloween pretty big with couples costumes and throwing parties for our friends. our city of madison, wi celebrates halloween in a major way as well...i'd say we're famous for it actually: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Street_Halloween_Party

we didn't celebrate halloween growing up, so that may be my fascination with the whole season in general (no, i've never been trick-or-treating!), but it's been fun to celebrate as an adult and have an excuse for buying candy and celebrating with friends. my poor future children don't even know what's coming for them haha! 

here are some of my favorite halloween memories >>
we have a tradition now of watching tim burton's the nightmare before christmas on halloween night. i've got a delicious soup planned for dinner and our first apple crisp of the season. it's been drizzly and foggy all day so far...perfect. hope you have a wonderful halloween!

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