I thought I would take a moment to show you my essentials when packing to go home for the holidays. Anyone that knows me, knows that packing/styling is my jam. I turn on music, light candles, and go to town pulling items from my closet onto my bed. Here are my no-brainer must-haves when traveling during the winter.   

The velvet shorts, paired with black opaque tights, can be worn out with friends or even to a family gathering depending on the top. Whenever I'm wearing a neutral outfit with no patterns, I try to add patterns back in using accessories. This scarf is perfect to brighten up darker pieces. This knit beanie is my holy grail, cold weather hat. It goes with everything and keeps my hair hidden on lazy days when needed. 

When traveling, I go for purses that are mid-sized and neutral. This one has lots of pockets for my phone, camera, and lipsticks with enough room for my wallet and won't weigh me down when out and about with the family. Finally, boots that are durable and comfy are a must in the winter. This pair will hold up between events and also look great with a slight heel and layered buckles.  


BDG Velvet Erin High-Rise Short
Old Navy Men's Flannel Fringe Scarf // bought 3 years back
H&M Men's Knit Beanie // sold out
Target Merona Purse // on loan from sister
Target Mossimo Supply Co. Heeled Ankle Boots // sold out

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