Last weekend, Oliver & I were able to sneak in a much-needed brunch date. We chose to hit up Mickies down on Monroe Street which I've always heard about since moving to Madison.

The place had a wonderful, local-divey feel to it with a mix of all types of people there. There were older gents, nursing coffees & shooting the breeze up at the bar and young families and college students filling the rest of the place. We found ourselves seated at a long table at the front window. Soon after, a group of students were seated at the table with us and a communal style dining ensued. Oliver & I loved chatting with them and overhearing their stories from the night before and plans for the rest of the day. It reminded me of just a few years back when I met Oliver and the parties we used to have with our friends. 26 is so old! Haha.

Mickies was wonderful. Can't wait to go back and try the lunch menu sometime. I love finding gems like this place in our little city.

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  1. Ryan and I would love to come here with you guys on a visit :)

    1. Of course! Can't wait til you make it down next!

  2. Replies
    1. Have you had their milkshakes? I heard they're divine :)

  3. The picture of people waiting in line for Mickies is beautiful. Someone should paint it like a Norman Rockwell painting....its perfection! Great job with your subjects and the lighting, the colors, the composition...everything...perfect! I love it. I saw it a while ago and have thought of it since....its really, really good.


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