There is an amazing restaurant on the capitol square in Madison called Graze. They have the most incredible brunch menu, perfect for a stop after hitting up the farmers' market on Saturday mornings. Get the bagel and lox; a toasted everything bagel with cured sockeye salmon, scallion cream cheese, shallots, pickled mustard seeds and capers. One of the best breakfast bagels I've ever tasted. 

Another win on the menu is the iced Magic Coffee. While waiting for our table, I spied the bartender making iced coffees to-go and figured they must be pretty good if people walk in off the street and order them alone. The beverage menu lists the ingredients as coffee, espresso, cinnamon, brown sugar, and half & half, but I have no clue how much of each ingredient goes into the concoction. I'll definitely attempt to recreate this iced coffee for home. 

Graze is a popular place to dine on Saturday mornings, so stopping in and getting yourself on the waiting list is a must before perusing the farmers' market. 

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  1. That restaurant sounds great and I like the interior design too, it has a very 'up town' vibe. Great advice for Saturday Farmers Market shoppers!


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